Thermonet 150W/m² Undertile Heating Kit – Dual Controller 1m²-16m²

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  • Life time warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • Average cost per hour $0.26 per 1000 Watts eg: 28 hours per week = Approx $7.28
  • Heating cable protection

The Thermonet matting is available in a kit which includes all the items (except insulation) that you will require for installation of your underfloor heating. These kits feature the 5245 Dual Thermostat which allows you to control your underfloor heating and an additional appliance such as a heated towel on individual schedules from the single thermostat. Kit items include:  Thermonet 150W/m² Mat, Programmable Thermostat (5245), Floor Temperature Sensor, Sensor Conduit, Fixing Tape, Cable Monitor (6025) & Installation Guide & Warranty Form.

Thermonet features 3.5mm TwistedTwin cable, self-adhesive mesh and our low-profile cold tail connection cable. These features make up what we call LayFlat Technology because this combination neutralises tension in the finished product and makes Thermonet easier to fit.

Thermonet underfloor heating cables have a tough fluoropolymer coating on the outside and internal conductors, a continuous armoured earth sheath and multi-shrand twin conductors. The conductors as twisted together to eliminate electromagnetic field (EMF) and neutralise the stress, expansion and contractions of the cable along the entire length; resulting in a more robust longer lasting cable.


Lifetime Warranty on heating matt


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