The Bathroom Place as our name suggests is a bathroomware retail outlet. It is our intention to cater for a cross section of the market supplying a full range of bathroomware. Allied to the bathroom accessories will have a plumbing service division with consideration given to your installation needs. We will be the only such establishment to offer this comprehensive service.  We are a young progressive family company.  Our intention is to provide a complete service, online selling Australia wide with delivery and installation available in our service area.


We have 60 years of experience in the building renovation industry. We will analyse your order and offer you free advice if we feel your choice might not suit your needs. You will be more informed and confident in your purchase. The Bathroom Place® plumbers are licensed and well versed in all bathroom renovations


We are open 7 days a week from 8:30am to 5:30pm so you may have an instant response most of the time if you require assistance in the decision making process so you can confidently complete your purchase. We are also contactable for your convenience 24/7 by email. We provide a complete service, with the option when purchasing to book The Bathroom Place® plumbers to have your product delivered and installed on the same day.