Thermogroup 12V Brushed Round Ladder Heated Towel Rail Polished stainless steel 550x550mm

SKU: SRB2512
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  • Experience the comfort of warm, dry towels each morning, putting an end to the unpleasant damp odours that can linger on towels.
  • Multiflex wiring provides connection points on both sides of the rail, allowing the lead to be connected to either side for added convenience and adaptability.
  • Hardwired only
  • As a versatile dry electric element rail, it can be installed in any orientation, allowing wiring connections from any of the four mounting points for maximum flexibility and convenience.
  • Excellent for guest bathroom
  • Gorgeous polished stainless steel finish
  • 550mm wide x 550mm high x 122mm deep
  • With a timer, conveniently schedule your towel ladder to provide warm towels for your shower and turn off when not needed, promoting energy efficiency.
  • As low as $1 per week to run

Heated Towel Rails are an affordable luxury for every bathroom for warming and drying your towels. The SRB2512 Heated Towel Rail is a 550x550 4 bar brushed stainless ladder rail.

The SRB2512 electric towel dryer is a 12v unit, this means that it can be installed close to a wet area in the bathroom. The rail comes supplied with a transformer which reduces the incoming voltage from 240v to 12v. The rail will still operate at the same temperature and use the same amount of electricity as an equivalent 240v rail as the wattage is the same, however, the rail is operating at a lower voltage.

The rail has a wiring point on both the left and right-hand side of the rail and can be wired at either the top or bottom of the rail. As it is a 12v unit and needs to be wired to a transformer the rail can only be hardwired.

The electric towel rail is designed to rapidly heat up and reach a temperature of around 45-55 degrees. The rail can be operated using an on/off switch however we recommend using a timer to allow you to set and forget and control your running costs. As the rail is electric it is very energy efficient and can cost as little as a $1 a week to run.


  • Output: 65 Watts
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Lead Length: 1.5m
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Number of Bars: 4
  • Wiring Type: Hardwired only
  • Wiring Position: Any of four mounting positions

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