Lafeme Sesto Wall Hung Smart Toilet


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  • Dry with adjustable temperature for post-use comfort, enhancing hygiene and comfort
  • Precise water temperature adjustment for a comfortable cleansing experience
  • Adjustable seat temperature settings for a cozy seating experience, particularly in colder weather
  • Regulate water pressure for gentle yet effective cleansing tailored to preferences
  • Hardwired reliable power supply for uninterrupted functionality, ensuring seamless operation without battery replacements
  • Durable, easy to clean ceramic exterior for long-lasting performance and effortless maintenance
  • Automatic self nozzle cleaning after each use, maintaining optimal hygiene with minimal effort
  • Comprehensive rear & front cleansing options for enhanced personal hygiene and comfort
  • Gentle pulsating message function for relaxation, soothing tension and promoting comfort
  • Convenient remote control operation from a distance, enabling effortless customization of toilet functions
  • Automatic seat sensor activation upon user presence, providing hands free operation for convenience and hygiene
  • Continuous supply of warm water for comfortable cleansing, especially in cold weather
  • Automatic flushing after use, promoting cleanliness without manual intervention
  • Deodoriser neutralizes odors for a fresh bathroom, eliminating unpleasant odors for a pleasant environment
  • Soft illumination for nighttime use, enhancing visibility and safety in the dark
  • Concealed in wall cistern for a sleek appearance, maximizing space and creating a modern bathroom design
  • Soft slow closing cover to prevent slamming, ensuring quiet and gentle operation with reduced wear
  • Soft slow closing seat mechanism for noise reduction, maintaining a peaceful bathroom environment
  • Energy saving red power consumption for cost savings and eco-friendly operation
  • Warm heated seat for added comfort, providing a cozy seating experience, especially in cold climates

Introducing the Lafeme Sesto (Product code: ST22 - Sesto) Smart Toilet, a luxurious wall-hung toilet that redefines bathroom comfort. Enjoy the warmth of a heated seat, the convenience of electronic bidet functions, and tailor your experience with a choice of colored buttons. Elevate your home with this sophisticated and exclusive model

  • Product:Wall Hung Smart Toilet
  • WELS water efficiency: WELS 4 star rated
  • WELS water consumption: 4.3 full flush/3L half flush
  • WELS registration number: L07513
  • Watermark certification: All Lafeme Toilet Suites are Watermark Certified
  • Water pressure requirement: 100 - 500 Kpa
  • Rated power: 220V-240V, 50Hz
  • Construction material: Ceramic external pan
  • Finish/coating: Gloss white ceramic glaze w/ nano coating
  • Overall height: 1205mm (including in wall cistern)
  • Pan height: 424mm
  • Projection from wall: 592mm
  • Overall width: 400mm (Pan) 600mm (inwall cistern)
  • Trap: P Trap 180mm
  • 15 Year Warranty on Ceramic Toilet
  • 3 Years Warranty on Parts of Toilet
  • 2 Years Warranty on Bidet Seat
  • Backflow Protection: This model includes an assessed air-gap found to comply with the requirements of AS 2845.2:2010.
  • Rainwater, demineralized water, sea water or greywater are not suitable to operate this equipment. Operate with normal drinking water only.

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