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Close Coupled Toilet Suites

Inspire Massa Toilet Suite S - Trap Bottom Inlet
Inspire Massa Toilet Suite S-Trap Back Inlet

Close Coupled Toilet Suites

WA close coupled toilet is a traditional suite that is found in many Australian homes today. With a close coupled toilet, the cistern and toilet pan are attached together to form one complete unit. The pipes are hidden within the toilet itself to create a seamless, compact suite perfect for tight or awkward spaces. A benefit of installing a close coupled toilet is that they are both quick and easy to install. Once the cistern has been attached to the toilet pan, it is ready to go. However, since the cistern is not concealed it means these types of toilets are generally taller than either back to wall or wall hung toilets. It is recommended that you check there is plenty of height in the space you wish to install the toilet first. Over many years we have continually been tasked with finding the right design solution to match custom situations or fitting with existing bathroom fixtures, and we have done it successfully every time. If you need more information to make a more informed decision on what you would like to purchase, do not hesitate to contact The Bathroom Place® and ask an expert.

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