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Back to Wall Baths

Donii Verona Groove Back to Wall Bath Matte White 1500/1700
Donii Verona Groove Back to Wall Bath Matte Black 1500/1700
Donii Verona Groove Back to Wall Bath Gloss White 1500/1700
Donii Eos Back to Wall Bath No OverFlow
Verona btw Bathtub 1700 NF (7174082920599)
Sale price$1,110.00 Regular price$1,410.00
Inspire 1700mm Back To Wall Bath - Gloss White Reviews
Verona btw Bathtub 1500 NF (7174080888983)
Sale price$1,068.00 Regular price$1,368.00
Inspire 1500mm Back To Wall Bath - Gloss White Reviews

Back to Wall Baths

Freestanding baths are both a statement and the pinnacle of the bathroom design. It adds to our sense of wellbeing, creating an inviting place to relax. Add a bath cushion and a bath rack to hold your refreshing drink, and you have yourself the ideal spot to unwind from your stressful day. Freestanding baths are available in various materials. From natural stone to composite stone, enamelled steel, and acrylic, you will easily find the kind of material in our collection that will complement your bathroom style. We pride ourselves on offering quality materials in every bathtub design and sourcing from the finest local and international manufacturers. Our baths also all come with extensive warranties for your absolute peace of mind. From materials and styles that suit a natural spa-style look to the latest in modern interior looks. Freestanding baths come in many shapes and sizes! Corner baths left or right hand, back to wall baths, claw foot baths and spa baths. You can also choose baths that come with or without an overflow. Some baths come with remote plug control and or bath fillers There are many pros and cons you must consider when purchasing a freestanding bath. Over many years we have continually been tasked with finding the right design solution to match custom situations or fitting with existing bathroom fixtures, and we have done it successfully every time. We at The Bathroom Place® can clarify any of your objections so you can make a more informed decision on what you would like to purchase, do not hesitate to contact The Bathroom Place® and ask an expert.

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