The Various Types of Heated Towel Rails

Hardwired towel rails: These are wired directly into the electrical circuit and require professional installation. They offer a consistent, reliable source of heat but may not be suitable for all locations.

Plug-in towel rails: These are plugged into a standard electrical outlet and are relatively easy to install but they may not provide as much heat as hardwired models.

Hydronic towel rails: These have hot water that is generated by a heating element incorporated in the body. They offer a consistent, efficient source of heat due to the water flowing in all areas of the rail.

Electric towel rails: These use electricity to heat the towel rail and are relatively easy to install. They are typically less expensive than hydronic models but may not be as energy efficient.

Freestanding towel rails: These are not attached to the wall and can be placed wherever you need additional heat and drying space. They are portable and relatively easy to install, but they may not provide as much heat as wall-mounted models.

Individual heated towel rails: As an alternative to the ladder rail, individual rails can also be a stylish choice that can easily be customised to your bathroom. Individual rails have connector strips inside the wall so that the rails can be individual mounted, giving them a floating effect.

Heated towel rails can be made from a variety of materials. 

Stainless steel towel rails are the most common type for a reason. They are energy efficient as they hold heat well.

Chrome is a popular choice for minimalist and modern rooms. It is a tough material that should last a while, but can eventually peel and bubble due to the constant heat pressure. 

Aluminium towel rails are reasonably new to the market. It has high thermal conductivity and a low thermal mass, making it efficient and quick to heat up, not to mention stylish.

Copper and brass heated towel rails are manufactured entirely from copper tube and solid brass fittings. Copper Tube is renowned for its high thermal conductivity, allows greater heat transfer to your towels, ensuring they dry quicker and more evenly than other materiel.

Heated towel rails come in a variety of shapes, designs and colour finishes to suit any décor. Most heated rails are versatile in the sense they can be wired and installed from all connection points.