Lafeme Lucci Rimless Wall Faced Smart Toilet

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  • Lafeme's Cisternless Smart Toilet offers sleek, advanced design for a modern bathroom experience
  • Auto open and close cover Convenient hands free operation, adding ease to your bathroom routine
  • Smartphone app (Bluetooth) Control and customize toilet functions from your smartphone, offering ultimate convenience and modern connectivity
  • Dry with adjustable temperature for post-use comfort, enhancing hygiene and comfort
  • Precise water temperature adjustment for a comfortable cleansing experience
  • Adjustable seat temperature settings for a cozy seating experience, particularly in colder weather
  • Regulate water pressure for gentle yet effective cleansing tailored to preferences
  • Plugin for convenient and easy installation with reliable power supply for uninterrupted functionality, ensuring seamless operation without battery replacements
  • Durable, easy to clean ceramic exterior for long-lasting performance and effortless maintenance
  • Automatic self nozzle cleaning after each use, maintaining optimal hygiene with minimal effort
  • Comprehensive rear & front cleansing options for enhanced personal hygiene and comfort
  • Gentle pulsating message function for relaxation, soothing tension and promoting comfort
  • Convenient remote control operation from a distance, enabling effortless customization of toilet functions
  • Automatic seat sensor activation upon user presence, providing hands free operation for convenience and hygiene
  • Continuous supply of warm water for comfortable cleansing, especially in cold weather
  • Automatic flushing after use, promoting cleanliness without manual intervention
  • Deodoriser neutralizes odors for a fresh bathroom, eliminating unpleasant odors for a pleasant environment
  • Soft illumination for nighttime use, enhancing visibility and safety in the dark
  • Concealed in wall cistern for a sleek appearance, maximizing space and creating a modern bathroom design
  • Soft slow closing cover to prevent slamming, ensuring quiet and gentle operation with reduced wear
  • Soft slow closing seat mechanism for noise reduction, maintaining a peaceful bathroom environment
  • Energy saving red power consumption for cost savings and eco-friendly operation
  • Warm heated seat for added comfort, providing a cozy seating experience, especially in cold climates
Lafeme's Smart  Toilet (Product code: ST17 - Lucci) a customized cleansing experience with a hygienic water stream. Control all functions effortlessly via the intelligent app remote or the convenient side press panel. Benefit from the antibacterial seat preventing germ growth and the activated carbon deodorizer neutralizing odors. Enjoy added comfort with the heated seat feature. Innovative features include adjustable water temperature and an oscillating spray arm for tailored cleansing.
  • Product: Cisternless all faced smart toilet
  • Power: Plug in
  • WELS 3 star rated
  • WELS registration number L06207
  • Licence No: 1829
  • Full flush : 3.7
  • Pan height: 450mm
  • Projection from wall: 650mm
  • Set out: 270 / 300mm
  • Installation Type: Strap
  • Pan material: Ceramic
  • Internal material: Ceramic
  • 15 Year Warranty on Ceramic Toilet
  • 3 Years Warranty on Parts of Toilet
  • 2 Years Warranty on Bidet Seat

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